Tips for the zero waste beginner

I just jumped head first into the idea of eliminating plastic.
Having learned valuable lessons along the way, I feel compelled to share. I’m no guru or expert but I can give you an honest list of tips that may help you get started with Zero Waste.


Why is it so Hard to Find Plastic Free Products?

With all this conversation around straw bans, I am constantly being asked where I get my reusables. But the answer is not that simple. I am not completely satisfied with a lot of the reusable products I use today. This is due to the fact that I could have purchased better, more sustainable products but…

4 Ways Becoming Earth Conscious Will Save You Money

Compare the price tags on organic, eco-friendly products next to ones that aren’t and you’re going to be disappointed. Most people are cost conscious, I was too until I understood my bad habits. But it isn’t just me struggling with my spending, everyone has debt. Everyone has bad habits. One thing that has majorly helped…

How I Survived Being Raised a Hoarder

I wasn’t always a minimalist. In fact, I was a full blown hoarder. Born and raised. I need to thank my mom for this. I love the lady but she cannot throw shit away. She taught me to keep everything that comes into the home and use things until they can’t be used anymore. To this…