My visit to the Package Free Shop


When I first heard about this project, I was stoked! The Package Free shop provides a huge opportunity for people pursuing zero waste like myself. This is a store created by 2 people who have a huge following for living zero waste. It is awesome to know that some people don’t just talk about living waste free, but they devote their lives to it.

Before I get into what I loved about my visit and the business concept, I want to to mention that one of the founders,  Zero Waste Daniel was lovely to meet. He was so nice and took an interest in me and why I came to the store. I love it when owners love their product and love their customers. You can tell Daniel is one of those people.

Brick & Mortar = No Shipping

I enjoy the fact that I can get these items without having it shipped. I never know how my items will be packaged when I buy something on Amazon. And without free shipping, those costs can add up overtime. Also, ground shipping means that 18 wheelers are getting my items from one place to another. I don’t need to add to those carbon emissions.

BUT… If you’re not near the Tri-State area, you can definitely get your zero waste items shipped from Package Free. It’s better to get your things shipped from one place rather than a few. I lucked out that this place opened very near to a friend of mine that I was visiting in Brooklyn.

We get to experience convenience again

Ok, I think zero wasters have come to terms with the fact that convenience is a thing of the past. We make decisions based on what is available and unfortunately, convenience is the first thing we give up. Not at this store. It is a one stop shop for zero waste, sustainable, reusable items. While I would love to have seen more options in the store, I know that Package Free is still a start up so as they grow, so will their selection.

I was also thrilled to know they have sold out of popular items (even if I wanted to buy them myself). This tells me that they are doing a good job at selling zero waste products. The more people living waste free, the better.

Ethical brand exposure

One huge advantage for both the consumer and business is their strategic vendor partnerships. By curating products from vendors that are committed to zero waste, I am being introduced to new brands that are operating consciously and sustainably. Because of my location, I am limited to what I can find at Whole Foods.

I got to try out Tea Pigs  for free, and I have to say, that Rubarb & Ginger tea is ADDICTING! I also got to refill my own container with face toner from Meow Meow Tweet. I have been using it for a week now and I really do think it is changing my life. These are brands I would not know existed had they not partnered with Package Free.

I got a few other things I’ve been needing: reusable cotton rounds, silk dental floss, and a water bottle brush… if you care haha.

Opportunities for Zero Wasters

I want to give my money to small businesses and start ups because I believe that America will always be a capitalist society and consumerism will always grow. Knowing my money is going to people below the 1% makes me feel satisfied in my purchase decisions.

The thing is we need more brave people like Daniel and Lauren who are willing to break the mold. We need more people who will actually take action and make change happen rather than talk about it. I think we all are trying to find meaningful work. Let’s actually do it. #giveashit

Visit Package Free:

137 Grand Street
Brooklyn NY, 11249


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